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Ecological translation and editing services for your communications

ecological translation and editing services

If environmental protection is a key focus of your business, you undoubtedly take great care in selecting the service providers you work with.

As an eco-friendly company, you want your partners to understand your business and make every effort to reduce their environmental impact.
So why not choose my ecological translation and editing services for your communications?

You are here for a specific reason: you want to win new international customers who trust you. You want to increase your revenue without compromising the environment and attract customers in other countries.

All you need to support your growth strategy is a partner who understands your field and its terminology.

Ideally, this partner should be a specialized linguist who is as concerned as you are about protecting the environment and therefore adopts environmentally friendly practices. Does this strike a chord? You’ve come to the right place!

ecological translation and editing services

At the same time, you are struggling with one or more of the following situations:

  • You don’t know your target markets particularly well.
  • You don’t speak the language(s) of your target country.
  • You don’t know a reliable, eco-conscious translator, editor, proofreader or SEO expert.
  • You don’t know where to start to translate your website or documents.
  • You simply haven’t got the time.

However, these obstacles are not insurmountable and should not hinder your ambitions.

They should not prevent you from showing your customers how committed you are to protecting the planet, taking action against climate change and building a better world for future generations. It’s therefore time to enlist the help of a professional who can explain things more effectively.

Why not choose my eco-friendly translation and editing services?

ecological translation and editing services

8 things about me

I graduated from the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting (UCL) with a Master’s degree in Specialized Translation and from the Institut Libre Marie Haps (ILMH) with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation.

I was born and lived most of my life in Belgium (Brussels), spent several months in the UK (Edinburgh) and moved to Canada (Montreal) in 2019.

My working languages are English, Spanish and French.

I constantly study the French language variants of Belgium, Canada, France and Switzerland to ensure my texts are perfectly adapted to these markets.

My network of English- and Spanish-speaking partner linguists means I can also offer this adaptation (localization) service for the United States, Mexico, English-speaking Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

I have traveled extensively in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Canada and the United States.

My knowledge of these countries and their culture is a real asset when it comes to expanding into these markets!

I offset my greenhouse gas emissions thanks to Carboneutre Québec. In 2020, I offset the equivalent of five tons of CO2.

By purchasing carbon credits, I can be climate neutral and offer you “eco-friendly” services.

I have also joined Les Pages Vertes, the Quebec directory of environmentally responsible businesses, where my environmental responsibility rating has been assessed at 74%!

As a green language provider, I refuse to work with companies that harm the environment, people’s health or society in general (tobacco products, weapons, oil, etc.)

“Charity begins at home” is Maxime’s maxim.

I have therefore adopted a few principles to reduce my ecological footprint and lead by example:

1. Each week, I buy and cook local, organic vegetables produced by sustainable urban farming (with short supply chains).
2. I regularly visit a bulk food store that has enabled me to significantly reduce my waste.
3. I prefer to buy second-hand items from the circular economy; for example, when I bought my bicycle.
4. I implement measures to reduce the pollution caused by my professional activities (email sorting, reducing digital pollution, printing reduced to the absolute minimum, etc.).
5. I offset the carbon emissions related to both my personal and professional activities.

Your eco-friendly linguist


I am Maxime Vandecassye, founder of Green Fox Translation. A committed environmentalist, I have been working as a translator for several years and am now putting my skills to work for businesses involved in the ecological transition.

A translator with a passion for ecology

A Belgian national, I studied translation in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Edinburgh. After graduating, I worked in various environments including a company, an international organization, an international non-profit association (AISBL) and a translation agency.

I specialized in agrifood , health, climate and the environment. I had the opportunity to work in exciting fields and for prestigious clients, but deep down I felt that my work lacked value. The large corporate machines for which I was translating were often too slow to make decisions or act to bring about rapid and concrete change to benefit the environment.

In addition, as a “consum’actor”, organic food enthusiast, locavore and consumer of zero-waste and reusable products myself, I soon realized that the change was taking place much more quickly at the individual level. The people and small businesses working in these sectors are highly innovative and inspire many individuals.

Ecological translation and editing services

When I started my business as a freelancer, it was therefore quite natural for me to choose to help these agents of change who have decided against waiting for politicians to help move us towards a greener and more sustainable world.

With my green translation and editing services, I am now helping environmentally responsible companies break into new markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

What our clients say

I’ve been working with Maxime for four years now, and with good reason. He’s a trustworthy and extremely caring colleague, but above all he’s a talented, disciplined professional who leaves nothing to chance. I regularly turn to his editing services because I know that this will guarantee the quality of the finished product, and he always provides work of the highest quality that meets each client’s specific requirements.
Maxime proofread our educational content to ensure it was of the highest editorial quality possible. He was extremely professional in his work, in terms of his ability to handle large volumes, his ability to meet deadlines and the accuracy of his proofreading. Maxime also provided several valuable suggestions that went beyond the requested proofreading task, taking care to clearly explain his reasons and sources. Thanks again for a job well done!
Green Fox Translation, thank you so much for your incredible work on the Carboneutre Québec website. We had a number of requirements and you were able to satisfy them all. I recommend Green Fox Translation!
I contacted Maxime about a last minute translation I needed. Maxime responded quickly and returned the translation quickly as well. I was really happy with his work and appreciated the extra care he went to make sure the translation worked for us. He even gave us a few different options for some parts and explained which ones would work best in which scenario. I wouldn't hesitate to use Green Fox's services again. Thank you Maxime!

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