Eco-friendly language services

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Tailored eco-friendly language services

What does “eco-friendly” mean?

A service provider that offers eco-friendly services considers the impact of its business activities on the environment and society. It therefore has a commitment to social and environmental ethics and plays a role in the ecological transition through its servicesGreen Fox Translation has implemented several strategies to support its eco-friendly language services, including:

  • offsetting its carbon emissions
  • minimizing the amount of waste produced upstream (by bulk buying, for example)
  • consuming only local and ethical goods and services
  • optimizing its work environment and avoiding printing
  • using circular economy products where possible
  • etc.

Who are your eco-friendly language services aimed at?

My ecological language services are aimed primarily at companies that want to protect the planet and reduce their environmental footprintThe main areas I cover are:

  • organic food and farming, sustainable and urban farming and the impact of nutrition on health
  • circular economy, zero waste, reusable items, upcycling and recycling
  • green technologies and renewable energy resources.
I help companies in English, French and Spanish within the European and North American markets.

Ecological translation services

eco friendly language services

Are you an eco-conscious company that would like to have your documents translated?

Are you looking for a professional translator who is eco-friendly and specializes in your field to turn your documentation into a multilingual resource?

Do you also want to work with a partner who is familiar with the terminology used in your business?

My tailored eco-friendly professional translation services will help you break into new markets and win new customers.

1. My partner linguists and I specialize in English, French and Spanish within the European and North American markets: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico.

This specialization is your guarantee of quality since it allows us to consider the specific cultural characteristics of each country. People don’t speak the same English in London and New York and not every country has the same cultural references, even if their communities speak the same language, for example.

2. Our pricing is calculated based on working in pairs (one translator + one editor) to provide you with the best possible quality and ensure that your documents are ready to use straight away.

3. All our translations are produced by translators who are native speakers of the target language. In other words, a translation into English is always produced by a linguist whose native language is English.

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Eco-friendly editing services

You may have had your documents translated at some point in the past. By a colleague, a friend, your brother-in-law, a neighbor – many people translate in their spare time.

You may also have stumbled upon a low-cost translator or translation agency on the Internet.

Whatever the situation, the final result was not what you expected, and the translation was not of sufficient quality. The translator had not considered the target audience or your communication style, let alone the terminology specific to your field.

Services linguistiques écoresponsables

The quality of your translated content must be commensurate with your reputation and credibility. To help you, my eco-friendly language services include:

  • comparative editing by a professional editor
  • elimination of any awkward wording that clearly betrays a translation
  • consideration for the specific characteristics of your target audience (cultural references, linguistic variations, etc.)
  • verification of the terminology used
  • clean, flawless and ready-to-use content
  • editing to and from English, Spanish and French.

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Green proofreading services

eco friendly language services

You’ve created the perfect website, written your communications in a way that persuades your customers to buy from you, and you are really pleased with the result.

But there’s one thing you overlooked that unfortunately meant some potential customers went elsewhere.

In fact, not having your content proofread in detail means you risk missing spelling mistakes, grammar errors, careless wording, typos and so on.

I therefore offer an eco-friendly proofreading service to:

  • correct grammar, spelling and syntax errors
  • check punctuation
  • reword ambiguous sentences
  • optimize style
  • review all elements in the document (page numbers, table of contents, index, etc.)
  • prepare your document so that it’s ready to use straight away.

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