Eco-friendly SEO services

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Tailored eco-friendly SEO services

What does “eco-friendly” mean?

A business that offers eco-friendly services strives to minimize the negative effects of its activities on the environment and society. It therefore has a commitment to social and environmental ethics and plays a role in the ecological transition through its services. Green Fox Translation has implemented several strategies to support its eco-friendly SEO services, including:

● offsetting its carbon emissions
● reducing its digital footprint
● supporting local, ethical and circular economy purchasing
● optimizing its work environment and going “paperless”

Who are your eco-friendly SEO services aimed at?

My eco-friendly SEO services are aimed primarily at companies that want to protect the planet and reduce their environmental impact. The main areas I cover are:

  • organic food and farming, sustainable and urban farming and the impact of nutrition on health
  • circular economy, reusable items, upcycling, zero waste and recycling
  • green technologies and renewable energy sources.

Green SEO Translation services

Would you like to have your website translated in a smart way? Would you like your site to be optimized for search engines?

SEO translation is a revolutionary service that combines translation and search engine optimization (SEO, also known as natural or organic referencing).

SEO translation goes far beyond simply translating a website. It involves translating a website while respecting certain rules that help ensure you rank high in search engine results. Your website will therefore receive more visitors, and you will increase your sales.

green eco friendly SEO services

My 5-step, eco-friendly SEO translation service therefore provides you with:

adaptation of your content to the target customer and market
analysis to identify the best keywords and long-tail keywords (longer, more specific keyword phrases), on request
translation into English, Spanish and French by a team of experts who follow SEO rules
optimization of website structure and translation of metadata
advice on how to improve the user experience and natural referencing on your website over the long term.

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Ecological SEO Optimization

eco friendly SEO services

If your website is already online but is not attracting enough visitors, it is probably not fully optimized from an SEO perspective.

SEO optimization is the process of improving a published website by following certain rules. In short, the goal is to help this website rank higher with search engines such as Google and appear as one of the first on the search engine results page (SERP).

Once your website has been optimized, it will be transformed into a real customer magnet without you having to spend any more money!

My eco-friendly optimization service includes the following:

● Clear definition of the target audience and semantic field for writing content
Analysis of keywords and long-tail keywords (highly specific sequences of words), if you have not already chosen them
Optimization of the website’s structure and headings
Advice on how to optimize the user experience and organic referencing over the long term.

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Eco-friendly SEO Subtitling services

Is your YouTube channel aimed at an international audience?

Translated and SEO-optimized subtitles are essential for grabbing the attention of your customers.

Today, subtitles are a must, whether for native speakers who watch your videos without wanting to turn up the volume, because they’re walking down the street, on public transport or at work, or for non-native speakers who feel more confident seeing the words being spoken.

Of course, YouTube already provides automatically generated subtitles, but these can be very approximate, are generally of poor quality and not optimized for SEO.

SEO subtitling

SEO subtitling has three main advantages:

⇒ It lets you reach more customers and offer them high-quality content
⇒ It helps you stand out from your competitors
⇒ It improves your ranking in search results.

I therefore offer you an ecological service:

  • in English, French and Spanish (other languages available on request)
  • for translation and SEO optimization of your subtitles
  • with geolocalization of your content in the search engine results of your target countries
  • that is meticulously performed by qualified SEO translators.

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