Green translation, editing and proofreading services

Increase your revenue without harming the environment

Increase your sales with green translation services

Green translation, editing and proofreading services

Did you know that you can increase your revenue by using a translator, even if you are short of time?

You are already acutely aware of the climate emergency and you also know that customers prefer working with companies that are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, preserving natural resources and ecosystems, and reducing their environmental impact.

You would now like to win new international customers, but you cannot find the time to tailor your message to the target country. You need a capable partner who knows your field, understands your jargon, and shares your values and your desire to save the planet.

In short, you need a professional who is fully acquainted with the terminology used in your sector to help you reach out across borders and win international customers in Europe and North America. You also need someone to help you optimize your website so that it attracts more visitors or to correct specific documents, whether translated or not.

With our green translation, editing, proofreading and SEO services, Green Fox Translation is your guarantee of qualitypeace of mind, efficiency and environmental responsibility in English, French and Spanish within the European and North American markets.

Trust us with your translations and increase your international sales with total peace of mind!


Your green linguist

Maxime Vandecassye

I’m Maxime, a translator specializing in environmental matters.

The climate emergency concerns me enormously. I have therefore set myself the challenge to consume and use local, organic and reusable products as much as possible. I have also adopted several strategies to minimize my ecological footprint and reduce the digital pollution caused by my personal and professional activities. In addition, I fully offset my greenhouse gas emissions (thanks to Carboneutre Quebec).

Want to take action against climate change? Contact me! I support businesses that are committed to reducing their ecological footprint on international markets and help them improve their communications by offering my expertise as an eco-friendly translator and my green translation, editing and proofreading services.

“The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral duty. The bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility”

Greta Thunberg

Six compelling reasons to work with a language professional

Green translation, editing and proofreading services


You are supported by professional translators who are experts in your field and familiar with the terminology you use.

Green translation, editing and proofreading services


You are working with a green linguist with a low environmental impact,  a carbon neutral “consum’ actor” and a zero waste enthusiast.

Green translation, editing and proofreading services

Rapid Follow-up

Enjoy effortless communication and timely follow-up.

Quotations are always sent within 24 hours!

Green translation, editing and proofreading services

Express Service

If you are based in Europe, no more worrying about urgent projects at the end of the day – your partner is based in Quebec and can work on them the same day.
Green translation, editing and proofreading services


You can count on a partner who is continually learning and keeping abreast of developments in your field.

Green translation, editing and proofreading services


Your content can be adapted to the specific language variant in  your target country (Canadian French, British English, Mexican Spanish, etc.)

Clients we have helped with our eco-friendly services

“I’ve been working with Maxime for four years now, and with good reason. He’s a trustworthy [...] colleague [...]”
Claire Elizondo, traductrice
Claire Elizondo
English to French translator at Eurocontrol
“Maxime proofread our educational content to ensure it was of the highest editorial quality possible [...]”
Vincent Lafeuillade
Vincent Lafeuillade
Project Manager at Unow
“Green Fox Translation, thank you so much for your incredible work [...]”
Mathieu Comtois de Carboneutre Québec
Mathieu Comtois
President of Carboneutre Québec
“I contacted Maxime about a last minute translation I needed. [...]”
Emma Fisher
Strategic Communications Consultant

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